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Welcome . . .

. . . and thank you for visiting.  This website provides information about Spencer C. Young Investments, Inc., its CEO, and current projects.  There is more personal information and anecdotal references vis-a-vis most corporate websites because:

   (1) This is a closely held company, and therefore knowledge of the person running it provides relevant insight; and  
   (2) the character assessment thus derived of its CEO provides context to what is the "Mother of All Projects", namely the resolution of . . .

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Table of Contents

The content is organized by the sections noted below -- click on the image to the left of each, and you will be navigated to that section.  Alternatively, the buttons at the top of each page and the hyperlinks at the bottom of each page will accomplish the same.   Additional information can be accessed through the affiliated websites section and through hyper-links embedded throughout this website, denoted as blue underlined text.  Should you wish to contact us, click the "E-mail" button located at the top of each page.


Corporate Profile Of Spencer C. Young Investments, Inc.


The Curriculum Vitae Of Spencer C. Young

Mr. Young's Educational Background

The Personal Side Of Mr. Young

Mr.Young's Core Values And Guiding Principles

A Review Of The Current Projects

Websites Affiliated With Spencer C. Young Investments, Inc., And Its CEO

An Expression of Gratitude . . . And A Request From Its Youngest Staff Member

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